Software that we will teach you to use from scratch

Check out the opportunities a VizAcademy® course will give you, below.

Autodesk 3ds Max

Free Trial, Student or Indie version available

This software is the most popular among architects and designers for 3D modelling and visualisations. It comes with efficient and flexible tools that enable you to create top-quality 3D materials.

It allows you to easily import any model from Revit, ArchiCad, AutoCad, SketUp and other 3D softwares.

You will find that after seven weeks of training, the application that you thought was complicated before will become your favourite tool.

Corona Renderer

Free Trial or Student version available

A modern, advanced, and efficient rendering engine. More and more popular among architects and designers.

Ideal for visualisations of buildings, interior spaces and products. The Corona rendering engine is:

  • Easier to use – does not require complicated setup
  • Quicker – comes with very efficient rendering algorithms
  • Well-optimised – does not require high-end hardware to run it. You just need a laptop with the i5 processor and 8GB of RAM
  • Twice as cheap as competitors’ software
  • Comes with vast material libraries

Adobe Photoshop

Free Trial available

A professional graphic design tool. You will learn how to use its features for post-production. You will also learn how to prepare your own high-quality textures for perfect rendering.

... it's not everything

As a bonus, we will teach you how to use the Marvelous Designer software from scratch!

Marvelous Designer

Free Trial available

An advanced application for simulating textiles. It will enable you to create realistic models of couches, curtains, armchairs, clothes and much more!

Five reasons why 3ds Max is perfect for you



3ds Max is compatible with multiple rendering engines, such as Corona. This combination provides unlimited options for the creation of high-quality photorealistic 3D visualisations. Professional 3D renderings will let you present your design in the best manner possible.



You will use 3ds Max to create complex 3D models. 3ds comes with modifiers that make modelling easy and intuitive. It gives you freedom while creating highly nuanced details.



3ds Max is compatible with AutoCad, Revit, ArchiCad, Sketchup and many other 3D editors. You will be able to import any interior or architectural model from them with one click. The imported file can be edited or rendered in 3ds Max, lending atmosphere and realism to your design.



You must be able to create detailed scenes so your client can visualise the design before actually building. Good news: 3ds Max and Corona are set-up so you can work on fine detail accurately. We’ll show you how.



3ds automated processes enable you to work fast. Using the template system, you can save typical settings and add them to subsequent designs. This will allow you to save even more time. It will help you step up the quality of your visualisations, too, which will be appreciated by employers and clients.

100% satisfaction

In seven weeks we’ll teach you how to use advanced softwares to create world class photorealistic visualisations. That’s a promise!

Premium quality training

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What is VizAcademy®?

VizAcademy® is a professional online school. We teach students how to create photorealistic visualisations in 3ds Max according to a specifically prepared, copyrighted curriculum, which yields excellent results in just seven weeks.

VizAcademy® School is run by certified and highly experienced 3D graphics tutors.

See our portfolio: Link

We provide training in Poland, Germany and Great Britain.

Who VizAcademy® is for

VizAcademy® is intended for everybody who wants to learn how
to create visualisations of interior spaces, buildings or products.

You don’t need prior knowledge of 3D rendering software. Most of our alumni started learning from scratch.

You can find the results of our training in our social media: Link. There, you will find folio of students who had no prior knowledge of 3ds Max, and only basic experience of the app.

What will I learn? Will I receive a certificate?

In seven weeks you will learn how to create pro-quality interior space and architectural visualisations.

You will learn modelling, illumination, materials, post-production, and other related rendering specialisations.

We’ll teach you how to make your visualisations look like professional photographs.

After you have completed the VizAcademy® training as specified, you will have a portfolio of up to seven visualisations – and a coveted VizAcademy® course certificate.

Check the detailed Training Programme here: Link

Where the classes take place

We teach entirely online. So no commuting. So no travel costs and associated hassle.

The course can be attended at our copyrighted platform VizAcademy.

It is based on four elements: thrice weekly online conferences in real time; daily work with individual certified tutors; professional tutorials; and tasks prepared specifically for you.

Check the details here: Link

How much is the training?

The current price list and available terms can be found
at: Link