These Terms and Conditions define the rules of recruitment and participation in the cycle of training titled “RENDERING CLASSES – VISUALISATION OF INTERIORS AND BUILDINGS” (hereinafter referred to as the “RENDERING TRAINING”).

Article 1 Definitions

Terms used in these Terms and Conditions mean:

1) Terms and Conditions – this document;

2) Organiser –  VIZACADEMY

3) RENDERING TRAINING – a service in the form of a series of paid, substantively related lectures and workshops organised and made available online to Participants by the Organiser.

The RENDERING TRAINING takes place in a series of online lectures conducted three times a week (Mon., Wed., Thurs.) (1-2h) for a period of 7 weeks and individual consultations from 09:00am to 09:00pm (London Time)

The RENDERING TRAINING includes four modules:

  1. a) Presentation of the topic of training (tasks) and methods of work in 3ds max, Photoshop, Corona Renderer.
  2. b) Preparing and making available to the Participant instruction videos containing a description of each stage of a given exercise, along with an indication of methods and techniques of its performance.
  3. c) Practical work – independent performance of a given exercise and providing the Participant with assistance in its performance through chat, Skype.
  4. d) Checking Participant’s homework and providing him/her with guidelines for further work.

4) Participant – an adult natural person who, by accepting the Terms and Conditions and by correct completion of the enrolment procedure, has gained access to participation in the RENDERING TRAINING.

5) Access to instruction videos – the Participant has an individual ID and password allowing access to instruction videos.

6) Enrolment Form – a form available at www.vizacademy.co.uk, used to register for participation in the training and to conclude a contract with the Organiser.

Article 2 Conclusion of the contract

1) Participant’s enrolment to the training is carried out via the Internet by completing the Enrolment Form within the time limit set out at www.vizacademy.co.uk with consent to the Participant’s personal data processing (Personal Data Protection Clause), then by completing the “First Steps” form together with the Contract included therein, sent by the Organiser up to two weeks before the start of the first classes.

2) Participant’s enrolment to the training means acceptance of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

3) The date of enrolment shall be the date of receipt of the application information by the Organiser using the form referred to in paragraph 1, and after payment of the agreed deposit.

4) Failure to pay the fixed deposit up to 7 days after completing the Enrolment Form means non-willingness to participate and automatic deletion from the list of participants.

5) The deposit is non-returnable, it legally obliges the Organiser to deliver the training.

6) The contract is concluded with Participant’s enrolment to the training using the Form provided on the website.

7) By completing the Form, the Participant confirms the authenticity and compliance with the facts of data contained in the Form and agrees to abide by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, recognising their binding nature.

8) Only full and correct completion of the “First Steps” Enrolment Form, together with the consent for the processing of personal data, acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and sending the signed Contract shall be the basis for acceptance for the RENDERING TRAINING.

9) Enrolment forms for each edition are accepted before the deadline specified on www.vizacademy.co.uk

10) Providing data and sending documents listed in paragraph 1 is necessary for correct enrolment.

11) After receiving the enrolment form, the Organiser shall contact a person indicated in the form via the given phone number or e-mail address of the Participant in order to confirm participation in the RENDERING TRAINING and to indicate the date and terms of payment.

Article 3 Organisation of classes

1) As part of the RENDERING TRAINING, its organiser organises and provides tutorials.

2) The work schedule is available on the Organiser’s website at: www.vizacademy.co.uk

. The choice of subject and materials for individual RENDERING TRAINING modules belongs exclusively to the Organiser.

3) The RENDERING TRAINING is conducted in the form of periodic lectures, substantively connected workshops and individual work with the Participant.

4) The RENDERING TRAINING takes place on dates and in times indicated by the Organiser.

5) During each conference under the RENDERING TRAINING, the Organiser shall provide the Participant with a prepared set of training materials.

6) After each conference, the Organiser shall provide the Participant with an instruction video with a discussion of the various stages of the exercise with an indication of the technique of its performance.

7) The Organiser reserves the right to change the price, date or person delivering the RENDERING TRAINING, about which it shall inform the Participant, not later than 3 days before the beginning of each lecture.

8) Information on the date, subject and costs of the RENDERING TRAINING shall be provided on the Organiser’s website www.vizacademy.co.uk at the latest on the last day preceding the month of the planned commencement of the training.

9) Participants in the RENDERING TRAINING will need a computer with software and Internet access, which they will have to provide on their own.

10) The Organiser shall not be liable for inappropriate configuration and for software installed on the Participant’s computer or for the inadequate quality of the internet connection.

11) The Participant shall be informed on the password via e-mail within 48 hours from sending his/her ID and after the Organiser has received confirmation of payment. In absence of e-mail message with an access password, the Participant should check the SPAM folder in his/her mailbox, and then notify the Organiser of non-receipt of such message.

12) Access to instruction materials is unlimited in time.

13) The Organiser shall not be liable for Participant’s inability to take part in the training due to his/her hardware problems.

14) The password shall be sent with access to one hardware on which the videos will be viewed.

15) The Organiser does not provide software to RENDERING TRAINING’s Participants. Each Participant must acquire the software on his/her own.

16) The Organiser shall not be liable for performing tasks, watching videos and conferences in inadequate conditions (such as  while driving a car, walking, cycling).

Article 4 Financial settlements

1) The price for participation in the RENDERING TRAINING shall be posted on the Organiser’s website www.vizacademy.co.uk at the latest on the last day of the month preceding the scheduled starting date of the training.

2) The fee, referred to in paragraph 1, covers participation in all lectures, provision of training and instruction materials, online individual tutors support from 9:00am to 09:00pm, on Saturdays from 9:00am to 05:00pm, on Sundays from 7:00pm-9:00am throughout the duration of the training, as well as assessment of homework together with further guidelines regarding Participant’s works.

3) The Participant is obliged to pay the fee by bank transfer to the bank account within time limit indicated in the confirmation of participation, sent by the Organiser, or at an individually agreed date, with prior consent of the Organiser. The Participant may pay the entire amount either in lump sum or in instalments (2 or 3 instalments after prior arrangement with the Organiser), keeping the time limits determined before the start of the training

4) If payment is not made before the deadline referred to in paragraph 3, the Organiser shall send to the Participant a request for payment with the deadline for settling the amount due. In absence of payment at an additional date, the Participant shall be removed from the list of trainees.

5) The Participant must send a proof of payment by e-mail before the commencement of the RENDERING TRAINING. In the case of payments made in instalments, the Participant must each time submit a proof of payment of the due instalment in the time limit agreed with the Organiser.

6) The Participant who had paid full amount for participation in the RENDERING TRAINING and then resigned from participation in the given edition of the training, shall have the priority right to take part in the next edition of the training.

7) The Participant who had paid for participation in the RENDERING TRAINING in instalments, who then resigned from participation in the RENDERING TRAINING, shall be entitled to participate in the next edition of the training, in the part from which he/she previously resigned.

8) The Organiser issues VAT invoices. Invoices shall be delivered to the Participant in electronic form, to which the Participant agrees.

Article 5 Cancelling the RENDERING TRAINING

1) The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or change the date of the RENDERING TRAINING:

  1. a) for reasons caused by force majeure;
  2. b) within 3 days before the beginning of the RENDERING TRAINING in the event of an insufficient minimum number of Participants, which is 5 people. The Organiser reserves the right to conduct the RENDERING TRAINING in spite of absence of the required number of participants, in full;

4) In the event of Participant’s resignation from participation in the RENDERING TRAINING resulting from training cancellation or change of the date, referred to in paragraph 1, the Participant is entitled to participate in the next edition selected thereby with the priority right.

Article 6 Intellectual property

1) The training and instruction materials, as well as any works and methods provided and presented by the Organiser during the RENDERING TRAINING are subject to legal protection, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

2) All copyrights to the layout and content of lectures presented as part of the RENDERING TRAINING and their detailed description belong to the Organiser, which means that the Participant is not entitled to copy or translate all or part of the materials made available thereto, in particular instruction videos, lectures, methods, or to disseminate in any other way any materials received from the Organiser.

3) Through the participation in the RENDERING TRAINING, the Participant does not acquire any rights in intangible assets listed in paragraph 1 and 2, in particular to the training materials, instruction materials, methods that have been made available to the Participant.

4) While taking advantage of training services during the RENDERING TRAINING, the participant must observe intellectual property rights, in particular resulting from copyright and related rights, including author’s economic and moral rights.

5) The Participant undertakes to refrain from disclosing to third parties materials constituting the content of the training, in whole or in part, without the Organiser’s written consent.

6) The Participant shall read and use the training materials only on his/her own.

7) The Participant undertakes to refrain from transferring and disclosing 3D models, textures, materials from www.3dsky.org, www.evermotion.org, www.poliigon.com to third parties or other participants of the training, under penalty of a fine.

Article  7 Complaints

1) The Participant has the right to lodge complaints regarding the RENDERING TRAINING in writing to the address of Organiser’s registered office, no later than within 30 days from the event being the subject of the complaint.

2) Generally applicable provisions of law shall apply in matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions.

3) Disputes arising or which may arise in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to the ordinary court of competent jurisdiction

4) The complaint should contain:

  1. a) the name and surname of the Participant,
  2. b) address of the Participant,
  3. c) the subject of the complaint,
  4. d) justification of the complaint,
  5. e) expectations of the Organiser.

3) Lodging a complaint without information referred to in paragraph 2, shall not constitute the reason for automatic refusal to consider the complaint. However, in absence of elements listed in paragraph 2, the Organiser shall request the Participant to fill in missing elements of the complaint, necessary to properly assess its basis.

5) The decision with respect to the complaint shall be forwarded to the Participant immediately in written or electronic form to the address provided thereby.

6) If the complaint is accepted, costs shall be reimbursed in proportion to Participant‘s stage in the RENDERING TRAINING. Such solution results from the impossibility to return previously received training materials and the knowledge provided.

Article 8 Final Provisions

1) The Organiser shall not be liable for errors, breakdowns or interruptions in the functioning of the www.vizacademy.co.uk website emerging due to reasons beyond the Organiser’s control. The Organiser shall not be liable for any damage to the Participant resulting from the abovementioned events, including lost profits.

2) The Organiser shall not be liable for damages resulting from the Participant’s use of content provided as part of the RENDERING TRAINING.

3) The content transferred as part of the RENDERING TRAINING cannot be interpreted as a solution to individual issues, in particular as organisational or financial advice. Training content is delivered only for educational purposes. The Organiser shall not be liable for decisions taken on the basis of this content and the effects of such decisions.

4) Terms and Conditions are available on the website www.vizacademy.co.uk The Organiser reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without giving any reason.

6) These Terms and Conditions enter into force on the day of publishing on www.vizacademy.co.uk