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Tsvetelina Bogdanova

Video review

Luke Oldaker

He studied “Architecture” at: The University of Edinburgh


“VizAcademy is a great course if you want to learn 3Ds Max and achieve great results in a short period of time. People are professional, friendly and helpful. It is a good experience and the course is worth the time and money. Be aware that this is an intensive course so make sure that if you start it, you give yourself enough time to learn the software if you really want to get the most out of this course.”

Jordan Avila

Owner: J.A Render Studio


“My name is Jordan Avila from Mexico and I recently took Vizacademy course and I want to share my experience.🥳
I have 2 years using 3dsmax and corona renderer but I want to improve my skills,so thats why I decide to join this course.
I took several courses before but none like vizacademy , in this course they teach from scratch to advanced level, the tutorials and webinars were amazing and I learned a lot of things that marked a before and after in my quality on my works. 🙌
So I recommend this course 100% for all the people who want to be in the 3d field. 🏆🏆🏆”

Mikii Casas

Architect in: WERKT Studio


“This course has been an amazing experience! Their program, support, assistance, encouragement and everything else was incredible! I’ve gained so much new knowledge and new skills! I would definitely recommend this course to everyone! Many thanks to the academy for teaching me great things! 😀 “

Lea Babicova

She studied „Interior Design & Decoration” at the Southampton Solent


“This course is amazing! I knew nothing about 3ds Max and Corona before I started. Now I amable to create photorealistic visualizations of interiors and exteriors.
Mike is a great teacher, highly skilled and always ready to help with all kind of issues.
Would definitely recommend this course!
10 out of 10!”

Shane McGoan

He studied „Architecture” at the HTWG Konstanz


“”Get a sixpack in two days”, “Earn Millions while sitting on the couch”, “Hot girls in your area..
“Oh, come on, that’s impossible. It’s scam.” – that’s what you think, when you come across ‘ads’ like these, don’t you?
Well, to be honest, that was also what I thought, as I heard about an online course, promising to teach absolute beginners to make professional visualizations within a few weeks from scratch. “No way, they can pull this off.”
But they did.
Starting the course I had seven years of experience in the visualization field, but never touched 3DS MAX or Corona. In the end of the course, after only seven weeks, I was confident enough to continue working for my clients, using these two programms as my default 3D- and render-environment. Oh, and meanwhile the photorealism of my images skyrocketed.
Pretty cool, if you ask me. The only thing I regret is, that I wasn’t able to take the course seven years ago, in the beginning of my self-employment. Watching all those other students, who knew almost nothing about 3D, achieve amazing looking images in this short period of time, was truly inspiring.
So, don’t think twice. Invest in yourself, your knowledge and skills instead of tipping in the dark for years, trying to figure out how to make great visuals. Because the VizAcademy guys already know it and will gladly show it to you.
Rock on, VizAcademy!”

Atilla Merdin

An interior designer


“Before i joined VizAcademy, i attended other courses that claimed they are experts in 3d modeling and visualization but were a complete let down. I had no knowledge with 3ds Max and Corona, and everything looked so confusing. With their detailed videos that they provide from the beginning you begin to gain confidence and realize it can be done.
One thing I loved was the continuous support system they had on skype and any desk. I mean they were ever available and not once did they let you down.
My mentor was actually shocked that i would go from 0 to hero in just 7 weeks. THANK YOU VIZACADEMY!!!!!”

Irene Kafa

She is studying Master of Architecture, University of Liverpool


“I kept coming across with some stunning renders on Instagram and caught myself saving them. It was obvious that this course was a total catch. It was an amazing journey that was certainly beneficial. I couldn’t create a single line in 3ds MAX and now I feel confident to create some amazing shots on my own. I am so thankful for our tutors, who helped the whole group everyday whenever we needed them. I am really amazed by their patience and their support to push as for the best. VizAcademy became a part of my daily routine and I am sure I will miss the whole team and their jokes. However, they made it clear that even after the course we can still contact them in case of any inquiry. I owe a debt of gratitude to the whole team of VizAcademy!🥰”

Brina Gluvič

An interior designer


“Perfect course for anyone who wants to become 3D architectural visualisation professional and is valuing their time. In 7 weeks you get all the in depth knowledge about the software, tips and tricks on how to work fast and efficiently and as they don’t limit the knowledge, every question is answered in a very caring and professional way.
I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend to ditch the youtube tutorials and attend this course:)!”

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Over a thousand students have trusted us!



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What is VizAcademy?

VizAcademy® is a professional online school. We teach students how to create photorealistic visualisations in 3ds Max according to a specifically prepared, copyrighted curriculum, which yields excellent results in just seven weeks.

VizAcademy® School is run by certified and highly experienced 3D graphics tutors.

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We provide training in Poland, Germany and Great Britain.

Who VizAcademy® is for

VizAcademy® is intended for everybody who wants to learn how
to create visualisations of interior spaces, buildings or products.

You don’t need prior knowledge of 3D rendering software. Most of our alumni started learning from scratch.

You can find the results of our training in our social media: Link. There, you will find folio of students who had no prior knowledge of 3ds Max, and only basic experience of the app.

What will I learn? Will I receive a certificate?

In seven weeks you will learn how to create pro-quality interior space and architectural visualisations.

You will learn modelling, illumination, materials, post-production, and other related rendering specialisations.

We’ll teach you how to make your visualisations look like professional photographs.

After you have completed the VizAcademy® training as specified, you will have a portfolio of up to seven visualisations – and a coveted VizAcademy® course certificate.

Check the detailed Training Programme here: Link

Where the classes take place

We teach entirely online. So no commuting. So no travel costs and associated hassle.

The course can be attended at our copyrighted platform VizAcademy.

It is based on four elements: thrice weekly online conferences in real time; daily work with individual certified tutors; professional tutorials; and tasks prepared specifically for you.

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How much is the training?

The current price list and available terms can be found
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