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About VizAcademy®

VizAcademy® is an established international brand. We have taught more than 800 (and counting) students to use 3ds Max from scratch.

Our training methods are proven. The works of our alumni are the evidence.

Our experts will work with you every day to help you master your skills. We’ll share our huge experience and systematised knowledge with you.

Mike Wojcieszczyk

Principal tutor

Mike is a renowned CGI artist with over fourteen years of experience with Autodesk 3ds Max and various secondary tools. He has successfully designed and rendered hundreds of professional projects for a variety of most demanding customers globally with speciality in interior design and furniture. He is a skilled Corona Renderer user and he is running a specialized group with over 20 thousand members. He consider himself to have an invaluable amounts of knowledge that he happily share with his trainees and watch them become skilled professionals.



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Wojciech Jurkowski

Tutor, CEO

Was a graduate of the University of Technology in Cracow, Faculty of Architecture accredited by Royal Institute of British Architects. He embarked on his adventure in 3D graphics and 3ds Max at the age of 13. In 2011, he was awarded best works of the year on the max3d.pl website. In 2015 and 2017, he reached the finals of various design competitions including the Michelin Challenge Design competition, where his “Renault Subtil” concept won praise. In 2018, he was a laureate of the Association of Polish Architects. His works have been published on renowned design websites that include yankodesign, highsnobiety, designboom.



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Autodesk Certified Professional

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Anthony Revutsky

Tutor, CEO

Anthony graduated from the University of Technology in Cracow, Faculty of Architecture accredited by Royal Institute of British Architects. His fascination with 3D graphics began at the age of 12. He began to work with 3ds Max in 2013. During his studies, he recognised his ability for sharing knowledge in rendering and 3D modelling. In 2016, he began to work on his own project RVRsolution – virtual walks using advanced, real-time rendering technologies. Gaining experience over time, he has mastered such software as 3dsmax + vray, Corona, UE4, Marvelous, Photoshop, Autocad, Revit, Sketchup.



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Autodesk Certified Professional

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Ann Bykowska


A graduate of the Cracow University of Technology at the Faculty of Architecture accredited by Royal Institute of British Architects. She has been dealing with graphics for years, working in the 3ds Max program. On a daily basis, she deals with visualisation and custom models using Marvelous Designer and 3ds Max. A huge fan of closeu-up shots and models. She also deals with short film and photography which has a direct impact on work in 3d. Patience combined with a passion for transferring knowledge allowed to join the VizAcademy® team.



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Our training cycle

4 most important elements

1 - Online conferences

You attend online conferences three times a week, when we will present our most recent and efficient 3ds Max methodologies. If you cannot attend, you can access the recordings of the conferences later.

2 - Video tutorials

You receive professional tutorials in which we show you, step by step, how to go about a specific issue, at the same time discussing the most efficient methods for you to do so.

3 - Everyday assistance with tasks

Our certified tutors will be on hand to help you seven days a week. If you get stuck on any anything or have questions, we will help you.

4 - We check your homework

Our principal tutor will assess your homework during a conference. You’ll receive valuable tips to help you rev up the quality of your work. We also aim to inspire you!

Discover VizAcademy®

Why choose us?

Training for everyone

We teach students with or without previous knowledge of 3ds Max how to use the software to its fullest capacities.

Individual Tutors

We’ll work with you one-on-one every day to help you with specific tasks.

Distance learning

Learn new skills at home. Commuting is so yesterday!

Learning speed

Some people take several years to become as good at 3D visualisation as you’ll be in seven weeks!

Extensive experience

Our huge 3d rendering experience is at your disposal.

Excellent results

During the training, you will create from two to seven visualisations, which you can use as portfolio. You will also receive a certificate that confirms your participation in our prestigious course, and your skills.

Premium quality training

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Who VizAcademy is for

VizAcademy® is intended for everybody who wants to learn how to create visualisations of interior spaces, buildings or products.

You don’t need prior knowledge of 3D rendering software. Most of our alumni started learning from scratch.

You can find the results of our training in our social media: Link. There, you will find folio of students who had no prior knowledge of 3ds Max, and only basic experience of the app.

Will I receive an Autodesk certificate?

Yes. Upon completing the specified VizAcademy® training, you will receive two valuable certifications. Firstly, an official Autodesk certificate that is recognized internationally and will aid in your job search.

Additionally, you will obtain a coveted VizAcademy® course certificate and have a portfolio featuring up to seven photorealistic visualizations.

Free software

As our student, you’ll have access to 3ds Max and other Autodesk products, such as Revit and AutoCAD, absolutely free during your training. Additionally, participation in VizAcademy training grants you a 90% discount on the rendering software, Corona Renderer.

Do I need to know English well?

No. VizAcademy students are diverse. Many are not natural English speakers. It doesn’t matter. We make sure everyone can understand.

What will I learn?

In seven weeks you will learn how to create pro-quality interior space and architectural visualisations.

You will learn modelling, illumination, materials, post-production, and other related rendering specialisations. We’ll teach you how to make your visualisations look like professional photographs.

Check the detailed Training Programme here: Link

What is VizAcademy?

VizAcademy® is a professional online school. We teach students how to create photorealistic visualisations in 3ds Max according to a specifically prepared, copyrighted curriculum, which yields excellent results in just seven weeks.

VizAcademy School is run by certified and highly experienced 3D graphics tutors.

See our 3ds Max portfolio

We provide training in Poland, Germany and Great Britain.

Where the classes take place

We teach entirely online. So no commuting. So no travel costs and associated hassle.

The course can be attended at our copyrighted platform VizAcademy®.

It is based on four elements: thrice weekly online conferences in real time; daily work with individual certified tutors; professional tutorials; and tasks prepared specifically for you.

Check the details here: Link